Top 3 reasons your lawn is mostly weeds!

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NUMBER ONE, Your Lawn Is Struggling!

When your  lawn is struggling to survive, weeds thrive. The best way to stop weeds is to have a robust and healthy lawn. There could be many reasons why a lawn is not competing well against undesired weeds in Salt Lake City, here are just a few...

  • Compaction: Soil compaction can be great for certain weeds but will block a lawns access to water, air, and nutrients.


  • Soil structure: Different soil types favor different plants. If your soil is wrong for the lawn you are trying to grow, then you will most likely be growing weeds that do well in the soil you do have.


  • Wrong Grass Types: You could have the wrong grass in the wrong area. All to often I will see a shade grass in direct sunlight. This is fine in the spring but weeds will take over in the hot summer while the lawn struggles a bit more. Also you could just have a bad type of grass for your area.


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  • Lack of water: Weeds don't need water to grow! Your lawn does need water on the other hand. Make sure your giving your lawn the water it needs to thrive and out compete weeds.


  • Too much water: Too much water and you can get those nasty swamp weeds. If you have standing water for most the day then you need to change the way you water or install some kind of drainage system. 



  • Wrong fertilizer: Different plants need different nutrients. If you are putting down the wrong nutrients, then you could be creating a perfect condition for weeds in your area. This is why we recommend using a local professional to help you select fertilizer or have them apply it for you. 


  • Mowing too short: If you mow grass too short you could be asking for weeds. Cutting a lawn short stunts lawn growth and gives weeds a chance to take over. You can do this if you want, it will just be a bit harder to keep the lawn weed free. 


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NUMBER TWO, Your not using the right herbicides!

Using the right herbicide is important. Herbicides control different weeds, it is important to read the label and make sure you are apply the proper herbicide for the weeds you are trying to control.

Most people make the mistake of using the same herbicide over and over for years. This can be a bad thing in the long run. When you use the same herbicide for years weeds can actually become immune to the herbicide. Just like other pests it is important to use IPM (Integrated Pest Management). Basically switch up the types of herbicide you use every once in awhile to prevent the weeds from becoming immune to treatments.

Another important thing to help control weeds is the application of Pre Emergent herbicides. These will prevent weeds from growing in the lawn. This will also prevent grass seed from growing, so be sure not to put this down if you plan to seed your lawn. 


NUMBER THREE, Your Neighbors Suck!

Your lawn might be mostly weeds because of your neighbors. Some neighbors you would swear are trying to grow weeds. When your neighbors have weeds they will spread into your lawn. There isn't much you can do about neighbors that don't take care of their lawn, maybe share this article with them?...  ¯_(ツ)_/¯

I hoped this information has helped you to understand why and how weeds take over. Please share this article with anyone who would value from it. That way we can all control our weedy lawns. I'm sure our neighbors will love us for it! 


Cody Chamberlain