My Story

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When I started GR8 Landscaping I didn't have much. No customers, no financial backing, No clue where exactly to start. Just a dream to create a better future for myself, my family, my future customers, and my future employees.

I've worked in the local landscaping and lawn care industry for over a decade. I have always really enjoyed the work, but never enjoyed the companies that I've worked for. Most companies seemed to be poorly managed. Heavy with nepotism fueled hopelessness. Great customer service was non-existent or even discouraged. A lack of imagination and celebration smothered the human potential available. Safety took a back seat to production. Where pushy salesmen are needed to sell services that don't sell themselves. Not all lawn care companies are horrible, but very very few (If any) were superlative.

So, I moved from company to company looking for a job that I could truly be proud of, but every company fell short. These companies made money, but not joy. There were no happy customers, no passionate employees. Mediocrity rained supreme. I took the leap, I decided to be an active agent of change. So here is the plan. To focus on long term relationships between great customers and passionate associates. To cultivate an environment where safety, creativity, education, stability, and happiness are the upmost priority. Together we can build a company that we can all rave about! A service that sells itself. Let's work harder and smarter. Let's realize a new bottomless potential.

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