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Lawn Gardening, a different Approach.

Lawn Gardening is the long term approach to managing your lawn. Our goal is to kick start your soil’s biology and create an ideal environment for grass to grow in Utah’s harsh climate.

We are on a mission to change the way people think of caring for their lawns. We want to use less water and spray less herbicides all while creating a thicker and healthier lawn than you ever thought possible, that only gets better year after year.

Synthetic fertilizers are becoming a real issue to the sustainability of our environment. A lot of the time synthetic fertilizers are not necessary and can create problems like: Shallow Roots, Fertilizer Burns, Algae Blooms, and Excessive Growth that can speed up the loss of organic matter and other necessary things that plants need, eventually depleting the soil and making it harder and harder to keep a nice healthy lawn.

Lawn Gardening is thinking of the lawn as a garden, it is all about the soil. It’s about the long term solution for your property, a solution that isn’t just right for the lawn but, also for the environment.

I hope you’ll choose us to help you create the beautiful lawn you’ve always wanted.

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